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Version 1

Type File Size
Pd 3.1 kB
C/C++ Source 66.0 kB
JS 31.9 kB
Bela Linux armv7a on demand
Fabric Source on demand
Fabric macOS 64bit on demand
Fabric Windows 32bit on demand
Fabric Windows 64bit on demand
Unity Source 91.3 kB
Unity macOS 64bit 65.9 kB
Unity Windows 32bit 170.8 kB
Unity Windows 64bit 173.5 kB
Unity Linux 64bit on demand
Unity Android armv7a on demand
VST2 Source 78.6 kB
VST2 macOS 64bit 87.1 kB
VST2 Windows 32bit 99.4 kB
VST2 Windows 64bit 107.3 kB
VST2 Linux 64bit on demand
Wwise Source 97.1 kB
Wwise macOS 64bit on demand
Wwise iOS armv7a on demand
Wwise Windows 32bit on demand
Wwise Windows 64bit 33.3 kB
Wwise Linux 64bit on demand


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