adding behaviour to sound

heavy is a dead simple way of making your audio content more interactive

no matter how ambitious your ideas are, we'll help you realise them

from games, mobile apps to websites and installations, heavy
integrates straight into your workflow, so you can carry on being creative

Design, Integrate, Build


creating rich behaviour in sound with just samples can feel clunky and complicated

breathe life into your content by mixing sample playback with synthesis and control logic

stumble upon happy accidents by using high level environments such as Pure Data to design your interactive sound experiences

coding knowledge is not required!


use our cloud-based service to instantly generate high-performance code for x86 and ARM platforms

heavy provides rich analytics to help you fully understand your designs

have ultimate flexibility with access to source code, straightforward licensing options, and scriptable compiler tools

generate portable C code, Javascript, and even compiled binaries


heavy supports a range of platforms and frameworks allowing easy integration to your project

control RTPCs in Wwise and Unity plugins, create Javascript interfaces and much more